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The purpose of this site is to promote effective, productive and dynamic leadership practices and to provide a place to develop skills and learn from others.

As for the creators of this site, we do not pretend to have any secret formula for effective leadership, on the contrary, we are relying on you to share with us how to be a leader. The idea is that one person does not hold all the answers but together we can piece together the tricks of the trade and help each other to be better, more effective leaders. Contribute to our Lessons Learned or any area that you would like, just contact us and let us know.

What constitutes an emerging leader? Anyone can be an emerging leader. If you are just starting out and know very little about being a leader then you qualify. If you have some experience with leadership and want to widen the gap between yourself and your peers ... i.e. emerge from the crowd, then you qualify. If you have been an effective leader for years and everybody comes to you for advice, then you qualify. Share the knowledge and empower people with tools that will better their lives and the world.

So who is "The Emerging Leader" you ask? Actually, "The Emerging Leader" is a group of people who have a strong desire to improve their leadership skills because we realize that no matter how well we lead, there is always room for improvement and when we start beliving that we are the best or can learn no more, then we lose. If that answer is not enough, select here for more about us.


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