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EmergingLeader.com welcomes you to contribute an article that relates to subjects of interest to our readers. Before you submit an article, please read our vision and mission statement as well as visit the archive of previously published articles. This will help you understand the themes that work best for us and our readers.

Our readers range from the inexperienced novice striving for new greatness to the highly experienced, successful professional already at the pinnacle of their career. We can all benefit from new ideas or ideas thought of in a different way.

EmergingLeader.com does not pay for articles. We will publish them and make them available to our readers through our archives.

The author warrants he/she is the sole owner of the articles and it has not been previously assigned, pledged or otherwise encumbered, and has the full power to submit have it published on EmergingLeader.com. We assume no liability for the accuracy of the articles. We do not accept any work that is libelous or obscene or that infringes on any statutory or common law copyright.

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